Entire Agreement Clause Traduzione

This is why they deserve special attention when translating. The boilerplate clauses are used because, in English law, it is not the legal system that establishes the general principles of trade relations, but the law that governs the relationship is the agreement itself between the parties. Therefore, unlike Italy, if certain clauses are not regulated, the contract cannot refer to a general code such as the Civil Code. This is why international treaties are often very detailed and specific, and clauses are essential to clarify the relationship between the parties and to give guidance on how to act in different situations. The “Boilerplate” clauses may also be included in the “Various Clauses” section or in various provisions that will be inserted at the end of the contract. Although they are typical of the common law and do not conform to the civil system, these clauses have become an integral part of international treaties and, where contracts are not written directly in English, they are generally translated into Italian. An international treaty may indeed belong to commercial parties, different states and often very different legal systems, such as those of common law and civil law (preferably described in another article I published in Aglablog). In addition, agreements between entities of the same country that have effects in a foreign country, such as contracts. B distribution, can also be considered international.