Partner Program Agreement Sample

We regularly update these conditions. We can also completely replace these terms if, for example. B, the program ends or is part of another partnership program. If we update or replace these conditions, we will notify you of an in-app notification on your portal or by email. If you don`t accept the update or replacement, you can make the next adjustment. B. Adhere to program guidelines. You will comply at all times with the terms of this Agreement, including the guidelines of the solutions program that are applicable to you and which are as a reference. If you participate in the program as a partner, the solution partner program guidelines contain requirements that a partner must meet to qualify for a specific partner level and may also provide more detail on the requirement that the partner must purchase certain products or services to participate in the program as a partner. In addition, partners must meet the active engagement requirement (defined in Section 3.B below) for all qualified transactions. Failure to comply with the Solution Program guidelines may result in the termination of this Agreement in accordance with the “Cancellation” section of the Solution Program or other termination rights that we have. We may offer you the opportunity to participate in promotional programs (the “optional participation programs”), from time to time and only at our discretion. Participation in these optional participation programs is optional, and to participate, you may be asked to accept additional conditions.

If you choose to participate in optional participation programs, you give us all the rights and privileges to take all reasonably necessary steps to meet the purpose of discretionary participation programs (e.g. B promoting your products for our prospects and customers). We can define optional participation programs at any time without notice. d. Other eligibility requirements. In order to qualify for a turnover, an interested party must be registered, accepted and valid in accordance with the “Submission, Acceptance and Validity” or “Shared Leads” section. You are not entitled to obtain participation or other compensation from us on the basis of transactions for other products, on the basis of transactions with a HubSpot Lead (as defined below) or if: (i) such compensation is not authorized or limited by federal, national or local laws or regulations in the United States or by the laws or regulations of your jurisdiction; (ii) the end user concerned opposes or prohibits such compensation from payments to us or to our related companies; (iii) we urge you to act or act in a way that affects us or could negatively influence us in relation to a particular transaction; (iv) the end user has paid or pays you these commissions, transfer fees or other compensation directly; (v) the End User participates in this program, or (vi) for all transactions with end-users who are in front of you in due course, to become a partner or supplier in this program under this Contract. In situations of competition with other partners or suppliers, we can activate Cross Sell (in situations where the subscription service is complementary and Cross Sell is available elsewhere) or make revenue participation available to the partner who actually secures business with the end user, which may prevent you from participating in the turnover , whether or not you have registered the person concerned.