Uob Bib Agreement

You are responsible for keeping your online password confidential. If you don`t, you`re at risk of fraud and loss. The UOB Group cannot be responsible for losses incurred by customers as a result of: c) if you are a related company that applies to link your accounts to your parent company`s group identifier, you must submit the registration of the UOB BIB Service Affiliated Company The bank uses Java Applet for additional security (beyond the 2048-bit SSL) if you wish to download a file from your office. The Applet encrypts the selected file before it is transferred to the bank`s server. Without Java activation of your browser or without the installation of a Java virtual machine (JVM) in your browser, the applet does not work and you cannot use features that require file downloading. MORE INFORMATIONS ON OUR READABILITY IN PROVIDING INTERNET BANKING SERVICES CAN BE BASER ON THE CONDITIONS AND CONDITIONS: If you lose your BIBPlus password, if you think your password is compromised, or if you notice unusual activities with your (s) account (s), contact your director of the company BIBPlus to immediately disable your id BIB You need the following to register with BIBPlus: Starting February 20, 2019, you can launch Napas payments 24 hours a day and participating Napas bank beneficiaries can receive payment as soon as the transaction is completed, including weekends and holidays. Each transaction made via BIBPlus has a unique reference number (BIB reference number). You can monitor and check the status of a transactional search in the transaction search. All successful transactions have “Treaty” status. The latest Java plug-in can be directly available from Sun Microsystems` website in We use different methods to protect the account and personal data of customers: If the UOB Group`s banking/transaction (s) website is not available, Customers can make their banking/transaction transactions through the following channels: The monthly subscription fee for BIBPlus is being discounted, but there are fees and fees associated with certain products and services such as telegraphic transfers. a) You can visit any branch of the UOB Group to get the necessary transaction signature application (or digital transaction signature), the process of creating a single character string from a data group to verify both the authenticity and integrity of an online transaction. As part of the two-factor authentication infrastructure to deal with man-in-the-middle attacks (MITMA), the bank uses a secureplus je-token to process transaction signatures for high-risk transactions (e.g.

B, payments, transfer limits or changes to personal data) made by customers. At UOB Group, we strive to provide you with responsive customer service. If we receive a claim, our priority is to deal with it as quickly as possible. We understand customers` security concerns when they act on the Internet. We have therefore developed an online banking security system that protects the confidentiality of our customers` account information and their banking transactions. Antivirus software scans your hard drive to find and remove viruses. To some extent, these products can search for and possibly remove worms and Trojans. BIBPlus has a system that offers high security standards for banking via the Internet. This security system protects the privacy of your personal account information and the banking transactions you use: If you forget your password, you can reset your password on the login screen via the self-activation link.