Tense Agreement Test

(*) convinced (*) is convincing (*) convinced (*) convinced 4. It was twenty below zero that afternoon, and the sky shone with a pale gray light. 1. In other scientific fields, the concept of implementation may have extensive applications, for example. B in the development of medical treatments for bacterial infections and cancer. Learn to use frequency adverbians to describe how often we do things. ___ 2. When Barbara put on her contact lenses, the phone rang. 5. It`s impossible to predict which people will take from their pockets or if they would open their wallets, and I stopped guessing.

___ 5. After visiting Alaska on his third voyage, Captain James Cook was killed by Hawaiian islets in 1779. 4. I save > notes and scanvalue=”scan” > scanned transcripts in the student center. 2. In the early twentieth century, when cameras became easier to use and more affordable, amateur photographers began recording scenes and patterns that had been neglected before. 5. I`ve always observed watchvalue=”watch”> the pierrafes, and my favorite character warvalue=”was”>isFred. 12. My father spoke affectionately about the days before two teenagers picked up the phone, the stereo, the kitchen — well, most of the house, really. Hardly..

I closed the door when the phone rang. (*) had (*) (*) (*) (*) 3. I govalue=”go”>wend to the gym and I trained outvalue =”trained” > train every Saturday. A. NO CHANGE. It`s rewarded. had been rewarded. In reward 9. Little is known about Earl McWilliams, except that he worked as an elevator driver in a department store and then as a photofinisher. Trained, he spent his free time among the people of Lincoln, and he could soon gain national recognition. ___ 12.

The doctor offered bed rest for the patient suffering from a severe cold. Do more ACT Grammar: Verb Tense and Agreement Questions Subordinate Clause Best Placement Parentheses and Appositives Verbs Possessive Determinants Adjective and Adverb Sentences Interpunktion Parallel Structure Iidiomatic Expression Subordination and Coordination Pronouns VerbForm and Coherence Sentence Structure Connective Conjunctions and Adverbians Concision and Redundancy 40 ACT Grammatik Practice Tests I barely had time to think about it, Before she.. I am for my opinion. (*) had asked (*) (*) asked (*) asked for 17. Ocloo knew that his compatriots had to have a stable source of income to access education and health care.